Benefits of using a virtual assistant

Why hire a virtual assistant?

As a small business owner you would ask yourself “should I hire a virtual assistant?” Is it an expense I can afford? Will I be able to ‘let go’ and trust someone with some of my business tasks?

These are all perfectly normal questions. Your business is your passion and is something that you have taken the time to nurture.  Through your own hard work, grit and determination you may now be in the fortunate position that you have way too much to do.

What will you do?

Will you scale back operations? Will you muddle through and hope you don’t lose momentum as you keep juggling those balls? Will you take a risk to employ someone, train them up and hope they don’t leave?

Would you like to go back to working on your business and not just being in it?

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Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring someone like me, a Virtual Assistant is the perfect option for a small business as you can book me for as little or as much time as you require.  As I am a freelance business support service, you are not ‘employing’ me, I use my own equipment, I pay my own NI and pension, I don’t get sick pay or holiday pay and because I work for myself I am very productive!

You can outsource tasks to me that take up too much of your time;

  • Do you always forget to post on your social media accounts?
  • Did you never get around to setting up your email list so you can tell your customers your latest offers or news?
  • Are you always sending out proposals or quotes but you never get time to follow them up with a phone call?
  • Do you have a presentation to do but no idea how to put together some killer slides?

These are all things I can help you with, and some – click to find out more about my VA services or call me on 07734 430590.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Flexibility is a buzz word in modern working culture.  In having flexible administration support in your business you don’t have to commit time and resources in taking on an employee.  Here are some other benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

1 – You can spend less time on admin

Whether its managing your diary, booking travel and meetings, filing expenses or updating a PowerPoint presentation I can help free up your time so you can concentrate on growing your business.

2 – Maintain reduced overheads

As a small business owner you may still work from your home office and you may not want an employee coming to your home to work.  You may not be in a position yet to move into a dedicated office – this maybe something you just don’t want to do.

As I am freelance and a virtual member of your team you avoid all of the costly overheads that employing people presents.  I have a home office, my own computer and a great WiFi connection, so I am good to go.  You can hire me for a few hours a month, more if you need, and then take it from there.

3 – Virtual marketing assistant

Unlike many VAs I have a background in marketing which means that I am also a virtual marketing assistant.  I can help you grow your businesses presence both online and offline.  I can manage your social media accounts, write your blog, update your website and send out marketing emails or carry out competitor research.  I can liaise with printers to design leaflets or adverts or source unique promotional items.   

 4 – Get long term commitment

There are many studies that sing the praises of remote working, claiming that it boosts workforce morale.  Why? Because remote working affords small freedoms that really add up.  Benefits such as not wasting time commuting,  being able to walk the dogs or exercise before the working day begins, being able to do the school run and be present at the school nativity or just be home to cook dinner.

You may be thinking that this is all well and good but how does that help your business – am I right?

The answer to this can be explained quite simply.  If someone is happy in their work, is engaged, productive and not stressed then why would they do a bad job or up sticks and leave?

In hiring me I will be committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied that your business administration will be taken care of.  We will agree on the hours that are required to complete the tasks you need undertaking.  We will agree the deadlines and the milestones and you can be rest assured that the task will be completed on time. 

Talk to me about how we can work together – complete the contact form or call me on 07734 430590 today.

I am based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and cover Sheffield, Doncaster, Mansfield, Retford, Newark, Bawtry, Nottingham and Chesterfield.  I can support businesses out side of these areas as all meeting can be held over video conferencing.

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